About Esmé


Esmé founder - Megan Huston - is wildly passionate about beauty nutrition and aging gracefully. She has been involved in the beauty industry since 2005, starting her beauty journey in medical aesthetics, followed by completing her certification in Beauty Nutrition. Megan believes beauty should be simple, and most importantly, healthy.

Enough with all the poking and harsh treatments! Let’s focus on nourishing our skin, eating healthy, taking our vitamins, getting more sleep, eliminating life stressors, and being kind. Invest in your inner + outer health, and your natural beauty will shine through!’
— Megan
Esmé Beauty Bar

Simple, easy, and relaxing; just how self care should feel! Esmé was founded with the desire to make healthy beauty available. Megan offers best in class healthy beauty, outstanding customer service, lots of laughs, in a welcoming, clean space - all at affordable prices.

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Professional and knowledgeable aesthetician who makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Megan is uber talented and pays very close attention to every detail. Book your appointment today! You will love every minute of your experience and you’ll leave Megan’s chair glowing!
— Krista K